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New Pool Start-Up Service

One-Time Service

$ 499.00

New Pool Start-Up Service
New Pool Start-Up Service New Pool Start-Up Service

One-Time Service

$ 499.00

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Our New Pool Start-Up Service is recommended per the National Plaster Council, 2008. The service includes:
  • Fill day - Pool fill with clean potable water. Test fill water.
  • 1st Day - Test pH, calcium hardness & metals. Adjust levels accordingly. Brush the entire surface twice daily for the first four days. Operate system continuously for first 72 hrs.
  • 2nd Day - Repeat first day. With alkalinity and pH in check adjust calcium hardness to min. 150 ppm.
  • 3rd Day - Repeat items 1 and 2. Now diluted chlorine may be added to the pool to 1.5 to 3 ppm.

On 4th -28th day of the month, repeat bullets 1-3 above. Adjust calcium slowly to 200 ppm over 28 days. Adjust cyanuric acid level to 30-50 ppm based on primary sanitizer. On the 7th day brush vacuum to remove any remaining plaster dust.

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