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Service & Maintenance - Concierge Service

Weekly Service Billed Monthly

$ 160.00

Service & Maintenance - Concierge Service
Service & Maintenance - Concierge Service Service & Maintenance - Concierge Service

Weekly Service Billed Monthly

$ 160.00

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Concierge Service is an excellent weekly service designed for the customer that expects the very best level of hands-off service for maintaining their pool. The service includes:
  • Service performed by fully licensed and certified pool technicians.
  • Water chemistry checked and balanced.
  • Skimmer and pump baskets emptied.
  • Visual equipment inspection.
  • Chemical water surface debris treatment.
  • Pool / Spa netted with fine silt net.
  • Electronic visit and chemical reading notification.
  • Water line tile chemical treatment and Brush.
  • Pool/Spa benches/steps brushed weekly.
  • Pool Vacuumed as needed with Hammer Head.
  • All scheduled filter maintenance 2-X yearly.
  • All Specialty chemical treatments.
  • Vacuum hoses.
  • Complete O-ring replacement, Filter, pumps, Valves.
  • Skimmer and Pump basket replacement.

Place your order online now! When we receive your order, we will contact you to schedule your initial service. Our Pool Service and Maintenance Plans are based on a 12-Month Service Agreement, which we will finalize at the time of your first service with your initial online payment applied against your plan costs. Ultimate-Pool.com guarantees your satisfaction. So if for any reason you are unhappy, we will refund your money and/or you may cancel your Service Agreement at any time. 

NOTE: The price shown above is the monthly billing cost for a weekly service, based on a 12-Month Service Agreement. All pool service prices are for pools up to 15,000 gallons. Pools over 15,000 gallons are priced at an additional .004 cents per gallon plus base price.

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